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Ships with their cargos of human misery and desperation no longer navigate the Middle Passage. Slavery today is subtler and less visible.
--Dr. Leslie Jermyn and The Global Aware Cooperative

UGRR WebQuests

Party of SlavesRunaway Slave WebQuest gives students the role of historians. They will read runaway slave ads and develop a history of a slave, developing an ad that tells why the master would need the slave back. Students will also interview a famous runaway slave. tell his or her story about the escape and how life changed after leaving the south, and why the Underground Railroad was so important.

Runaway Slaves: Through the Eyes of the Innocent requires students to use primary sources such as runaway slave advertisements, slave narratives, and photographs to reconstruct the past, understand certain aspects of slavery, and write an essay on the slaves' experiences based on interpretation of the primary sources.

Underground Railroad: Conductors and Travelers is designed to teach students the impact of major Underground Railroad players -- the travelers and the conductors -- on our lives.

Life as a Slave is a webquest in which students learn about the lives of slaves and read narratives and interviews of former slaves to gain insights into the life of a slave.

Slave to Free: Worth the Risk? takes students back to New Orleans in 1844 and asks them to become a slave that seeks to be free. Students meet heroes, map their route, document their journey, learn more about the Underground Railroad, and decide for themselves if freedom is worth the risk.

An Underground Railroad WebQuest in which students learn about resistance and the Underground Railroad. The WebQuest is set up so that the students will actively participate in two quests where they meet many famous people who worked on the Underground Railroad, visit some important places along UGRR routes, and witness some historical events.

Hitch a Ride on the Underground Railroad asks students to imagine themselves as abolitionists helping slaves reach the Promised Land. The WebQuest offers six alternatives from which students can choose to pursue in order to help a slave escape a life of hardship and punishment on the plantation.

All Aboard invites students to become antislavery activists as conductors on the Underground Railroad and try to protect their livelihood while helping less fortunate people in this great protest against slavery.

Traveling on the Underground Railroad takes students on an investigation of the history of the Underground Railroad to find the key figures who fought for slaves' human rights, and what life was like for an escaping slave and the people who helped him.

Get on Board: A WebQuest on the Underground Railroad puts students into the roles of escaping slaves in which they must decide where their escape begins and ends. The task is to research all the information you can on the Underground Railroad and plan a route to freedom. They will make a map showing the route they plan to travel.

The Underground Railroad WebQuest puts students in an element of danger and asks them to decide whether or not they'll help an abolitionist neighbor protect fleeing slaves. Students will write a letter to the neighbor stating what they have decided based on their research and explain how that supports their decision.

To get additional WebQuests on the topics of slavery and the Underground Railroad, go to, and in the search line type "Underground Railroad WebQuest." Be sure to include the quotation marks as part of the search.


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